KineMaster Upscale Your Videos with Super Resolution

High-quality video is the king in the age of online content creation and social media. Are you also one of those whose existing footages are captured in low resolution or pixelated? If yes, then no worries fellow creators. We have a solution in the form of Kinemaster’s Super Resolution feature. It unlocks the hidden potential of your footage and works as a powerful tool to transform it into stunning masterpieces. In this exhaustive guide, we provide you the details on how to Upscale Your Videos with Super Resolution and all its important aspects.

What is Super Resolution?

Super Resolution is a technology that aspires to improve the resolution of a video or an image. It means transforming the lower resolution into a higher resolution version with improved clarity and sharper details. Super Resolution examines the extant data and tries to predict what the absent information might look like. However, it does not create new information and works with existing information. It means for outstanding results, your starting material must be better. Unwanted visual elements like noise might arise depending on the processing or technique. 

What is Super Resolution in Kinemaster?

Super Resolution refers to a powerful AI-powered attribute that examines your video of lower resolution and transforms it into a higher resolution version. It is like adding missing details to your videos to clear visuals with improved definitions. Some of the functionalities of Super Resolution in Kinemaster are as follows:

Analyzing the Video: The Super Resolution technology of Kinemaster utilizes machine learning models to examine your video frame by frame. These models permit you to identify patterns and edges within the footage as they are trained on a wide variety of data.

Reconstructing the Details: The AI feature tries to fill in the blanks between pixels based on the analysis. It predicts what the absent information might look like depending on the discovered patterns and surrounding data. This effectively increases the resolution of your video by essentially creating new pixels.

Sharpening and Improvement: The procedure does not stop at just adding pixels it also utilizes sharpening techniques to boost the overall clarity and definition of the image. It may also attempt to reduce artifacts and noise that can sometimes occur during the upscaling method.

How to Upscale Your Videos with Super Resolution

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to utilize Super Resolution in the Kinmeaster application:

  • Open the Kinemaster application or launch an existing project containing the video you desire to upscale or start a new one.
  • Click on the video clip on which you like to apply Super Resolution in the timeline. It will generally be highlighted in yellow.
  • On the toolbar look for the Effects button and tap on it.
  • Browse through the different effects categories until you find Super Resolution. It might be under Enhancement or a comparable genre.
  • Kinemaster may prompt you to download the necessary plugin when the first time you utilize the Super Resolution. 
  • If an option appears so then tap on the Get Plugin and wait for the download to complete.
  • You will see options for distinct scaling levels once the plugin is installed and it typically ranges from 2x to 4x.
  • Choose the desired level based on your preferences and video quality.
  • Click on the Play button to preview the upscaled video or you can also adjust the settings like noise reduction and sharpness to enhance the results.
  • Tap on the Apply button when you are satisfied with the settings. 
  • The processing time will depend on the upscaling level you choose or the length of your video so be patient as it can take some time for the magic to happen. 
  • You can export your project at the desired resolution once the processing is finished and Upscale Your Videos with Super Resolution. 

Tips for Amazing Results

Here are some tips for perfectly upscaling your videos:

  • Super Resolution works best with the descent starting material so start the footage with higher quality.
  • Ensure your video is in a format compatible with Super Resolution as some codecs might not be supported. 
  • Do not push the limits as excessively high upscaling levels can introduce artifacts and amplify limitations. 
  • Find the right balance between noise reduction and sharpness for your particular video.
  • To assess the improvements, always preview the upscaled video next to the original.
  • Upscaled videos can be larger than the originals so you have enough storage space on your device.
  • You can also explore dedicated video restoration software for better results if your video is heavily damaged or of very low quality. 

Alternatives to Super Resolution – Upscale Your Videos with Super Resolution

While Super Resolution is the most powerful tool in Kinmeaster it is not the only option for improving your video quality. Here are some alternative approaches to smoothly upscale your videos:

Sharpening Filters

These filters improve the definition of edges and details to make your video sharper.

Noise Reduction Filters

These filters remove unwanted grain and noise particularly helpful for older footage.

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