How to Remove KineMaster Watermark in 2024

Kinemaster is an effective and universal video editing app that has grabbed the millions of hearts of content creators globally. It supplies remarkable features for video editing that you can employ to give your videos an experienced look. However, there is an unwanted mark shown on your edited videos in its free version. This watermark may annoy some users and make it impossible for you to get published. It can be frustrating for those who want their creations to be professional and free from watermarks. This guide explores different and most efficient methods on How to Remove Kinemaster Watermark in detail. 

Understanding the Kinemaster Watermark

Let’s understand the watermark itself before diving into removal strategies. A watermark is a logo or stamp put over a picture others from using or copying without your permission. In other words, it prevents the unauthorized use of images or comes with the copyright protection. Watermark can also help you to raise your brand recognition. This ensures that whenever your work is shared on social media platforms, your brand or name is constantly associated with it. Kinemaster embeds the watermark in two ways:

  • A Text Logo: A text logo Made with Kinemaster is shown at the bottom right corner of exported videos.
  • Animated Logo: This animated Kinemaster logo generally appears at the top right corner. 

The above two are the types of visible watermarks made by Kinemaster. However,  invisible watermarks are also embedded in photographs that can not be detected or seen by the human eye. They can only be detected by specialist software and electrical instruments. You may also find out if your original images have been utilized without your consent through this option.

Top Methods on How to Remove Kinemaster Watermark

Here are some mostly used methods to remove the Kinemaster watermark:

The Kinemaster Premium

The most straightforward and official way to eliminate the watermark is by upgrading to Kinemaster Premium. This subscription includes the coveted watermark removal and unlocks a plethora of attributes. However, you need a monthly or annual fee for this method.

It is a cloud-based platform that permits you to remove the watermark and upload your video in just a few clicks. offers a free trial but charges for different users. Here is a procedure you need to take out the watermark from your images and videos with this tool:

  • First of all, you need to download the from the Google PlayStore and Apple Store according to your device. However, you can also visit their website if you have a computer. 
  • Upload the photo you desire to remove the watermark by tapping on the Upload Image and with the dragging or dropping technique.
  • You will see a Watermark Removed image option in a few seconds. Tap on the Remove Watermark icon in the top toolbar. 
  • To obtain the image click on the Download Original Size. Toggle the transparent background option by choosing the PNG before you click Export.

Third-party Applications – How to Remove Kinemaster Watermark

Many third-party applications and online platforms provide the attribute of removing the Kinemaster watermark. Here are some widespread applications for his purpose:

Remove Logo Now: It is a desktop application that delivers precise watermark removal with different editing tools. It requires a paid subscription for full access and also provides a free trial with limited characteristics. 

VSDC Free Video Editor: It is an open-source and free video editor that supplies basic editing qualities like cropping and masking which you can utilize to remove the Kinemaster watermark. It can be a good option for financially conscious users while not specifically designed for watermark removal.

Kinemaster Diamond: This modded version is particularly developed for Android devices and removes the watermark without demanding a subscription. 

Apowersoft Video Watermark Remover: This application entitles you to remove the watermark and undesirable objects from videos with comfort. It delivers different editing tools cropping or zooming and supports a wide variety of video formats. It has a paid version with additional attributes and also supports a free trial. 

Video Eraser – Retouch Removal: This application is also specially designed for Android and permits you to select and erase unwanted objects from videos including watermarks. Video Eraser also provides a free version with limited attributes and a paid version with advanced features. 

How to Remove Kinemaster Watermark – Reasons

Here are some reasons to remove the watermark from your photos:

  • Removing the watermark can create a cleaner and more professional aesthetic for your social media content and marketing materials.
  • Disappearing watermarks from your portfolio pieces can showcase your work without interruptions if you are a photographer or artist.
  • You have the right to remove the watermark if you have legally acquired a video or photo and own the copyright. 
  • Watermarks prevent visitors from seeing key elements like numbers or product attributes and obstruct the image.

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