How to Use Kinemaster Pro APK Step by Step guide Video Editing 2024

Are you one of those who want to turn their raw video clips into engaging stories by adding stunning effects and professional touches? Then you must hear the name of the most prevalent video editing tool Kinemster. It unlocks a world of possibilities for both a curious beginner and an expert user. 

Kinemaster empowers you every action of the way whether you are crafting social media content or documenting your special moments. But some people still do not know How to Use Kinemaster. This comprehensive guide assists you if you are also one of them. In this article, we furnish you with detailed information on how to utilize Kinemaster and all its important aspects.

Understanding About Kinemaster

Kineamster is a renowned video editing application available for both Android and iOS users or even for Chromebooks. It delivers a wide variety of attributes to convert your simple videos into polished and engaging ones. Some of the immersive features of Kinemaster are as follows:

Friendly Interface:

 It is accessible for everyone from beginners to experts due to its intuitive layout and drag-and-drop functionalities making it simpler to learn the basics.

Extensive Editing Tools: 

Kinemaster supplies the tools you require to tell your story effectively from splitting and streaming clips to adding transitions and effects.

Multi-track Editing: 

This characteristic of Kinemaster permits you to work with multiple tracks simultaneously instead of just having one timeline for your video. You can add different elements in multiple tracks like images and text.

Comprehensive Asset Library: 

It lets you optimize your videos with a wide collection of free and premium effects and transitions.

Green Screen Capabilities: 

If you want to remove green backgrounds and replace them with any video or image then you can do this with the help of the Kinemaster application.

Export Options: 

Kinemaser enables you to export your final video in different resolutions and quality settings so that you can share it on social media platforms or preserve it for offline enjoyment.

How to Use Kinemaster on Android

The process of utilizing Kinemaster on Android devices is very straightforward and you just need to follow the below steps:

Downloading Techniques:

  • It is necessary to download and install the Kinenaster first. The following simple steps will help you to accomplish your needs:
  • Visit the Google Play Store and search for the Kinemaster.
  • Choose your desired version like free or premium and tap on the Download button to initiate the downloading method.
  • Click on the downloaded file usually found in the Downloads folder to begin the installation procedure.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the installation process and open the app.

Utilizing Process:

Now you can smoothly appreciate its different features. Some of them are as follows:

  • In the timeline, you can drag and drop the media or tap and hold to move them. You can also use the scissors icon for splitting clips and yellow handles for trimming.
  • To add transition click the + icon between clips and pick them from various styles.
  • For selecting text, tap on the Layers button or customize font and color according to your needs.
  • To record voiceovers tap the Audio button or you can also import music and sound effects.

How to use Kinemaster on iOS

Kinemaster delivers almost similar core experience across different platforms and the process of obtaining it is almost similar with slight differences:

Downloading Techniques:

  • Visit the Apple App Store and find the Kinemaster app by typing on the search bar.
  • Choose the free or premium version of Kinemaster according to your needs.
  • The free version offers basic editing attributes with a watermark while the pro version gives advanced features with no watermark.
  • Click on the Get button next to your chosen version of Kinemaster.
  • Enter your Apple ID password for verification if prompted.
  • Then the download will start and a progress bar will show its completion.
  • The Kinemaster will automatically install on your device once downloaded.

Utilization Process:

While the core editing expereince of Kinemaster is largely the same on Android and iOS devices, there are a few differences:

  • The drag-and-drop feature can work faster on iOS devices compared to the traditional tap-and-select method on Android.
  • It delivers large control over text like alignment and text shadow.
  • It provides multi-window support to work on multiple projects simultaneously or view different parts of the video.
  • If you are an iOS user then you can import and apply 3D LUTs to your videos to emulate color palettes or cinematic looks.


Kinemaster is not just a video editing application but it is a gateway to uncover your creative potential. The process of How to Use Kinemaster is very plain on both Android and iOS devices. With its friendly interface and powerful editing attributes it captures the hearts of millions of users from all around the globe. In short, with this video tool, you can transform your simple videos into most professional ones.

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